SmartOS release-20230126 ("Joel...Miller")

Hello All,

The latest bi-weekly “release” branch build of SmartOS is up:

curl -C - -O
curl -C - -O
curl -C - -O

A generated changelog is here:

The full build bits directory, for those interested, is here in Manta:


A html index of that directory will redirect from the following link:


  • Expansion of smartos-test, while more destructive (/etc/shadow is not a
    link to /usbkey on a node under test), allows more tests to get setup and
    therefore run. (OS-8435)

  • Less nvme verbosity for inactive namespaces (illumos#15324)

General Info

Every second Thursday we roll a “release-YYYYMMDD” release branch and
builds for SmartOS (and every eight weeks, Triton DataCenter and Manta as well).