Triton DataCenter release-20221020 ("Clicker")

The latest open source “release” branch build of Triton DataCenter (née SmartDataCenter), release-20221020, is up:


  • CVE fixes in mahi, sdc-docker, and imgapi.
  • Service bundle tools sdc-sbcreate and sdc-sbupload updated for MNX.
  • UFDS bugfixes.
  • Platform changes of note since 20220825
    • OpenSSH is now on 9.1p1
    • AMD and Intel microcode updates from upstream
    • Timezone, PCI, and USB data updates from upstream.
    • smartos-test improvements
    • SMB/CIFS and BHYVE improvements from upstream.
    • Address-restricting bug in varpd (for overlays) now fixed

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