Triton DataCenter release-20231116 ("E.D.I.T.H.")

The latest open source “release” branch build of Triton DataCenter
(née SmartDataCenter), release-20231116, is up:

# Cloud On A Laptop (VMware):
curl -C - -O
# USB key image:
curl -C - -O
# ISO Head Node Installer:
curl -C - -O
# iPXE directory tarball:
curl -C - -O

The full build bits directory, for those interested, is here in Manta:


A generated changelog is here:


IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR HEAD NODES: If your Triton head node is running a
platform prior to 20231019, first sdcadm experimental update-gz-tools --latest BEFORE any platform updates. More details, including a workaround
if you forgot, are here:

This is due to older sdcadm(8) using a deprecated curl flag that is removed
from the PI’s updated curl.

  • Hagfish should notice new instances sooner (TRITON-2413)

  • LinuxCN updates (LINUXCN-21, LINUXCX-25, LINUXCN-26)

  • Component build updates for cmon-agent and rabbitmq.

  • SmartOS highlights since last Triton release (20230921):

  • Updates to curl (now 8.4.0) (see above notice for headnodes)

  • OpenSSL (now 3.0.12), and OpenSSH (now 9.5p1)

  • Updates to Intel and AMD microcode (Intel one is security-critical for Ice
    Lake family CPUs)

  • SMBIOS 3.7 support

  • Microchip SmartPQI HBA support

  • NVMe improvements

General Info

Every eight weeks, we roll a “release-YYYYMMDD” release branch and
builds for all Triton DataCenter (and Manta) repositories. As well,
builds of #master for all components are always rolling into
“/Joyent_Dev/public/builds” in Manta.

Note: MNX Triton customers must obtain their software from MNX Support;
software obtained by other means, including the builds here, will not be
supported by MNX.

The Triton Team