Triton DataCenter release-20230727 ("WLF")

Hello All,

The latest open source “release” branch build of Triton DataCenter
(née SmartDataCenter), release-XXX, is up:

# Cloud On A Laptop (VMware):
curl -C - -O
# USB key image:
curl -C - -O
# ISO Head Node Installer:
curl -C - -O
# iPXE directory tarball:
curl -C - -O

The full build bits directory, for those interested, is here in Manta:


A generated changelog is here:


  • Add support for Docker OCI manifest format

  • New installations of Triton will default HVM creation to BHYVE instead of

  • Linux CN enhancements in some components.

  • Platform highlights since 20230601

    • OpenSSL updated to 3.0.9

    • OpenSSH updated to 9.3p2

    • Firmware updates for some AMD processors, some Intel processors, and the
      cxgbe(4D) driver

    • Small security fixes to OpenLDAP and procfs.

    • Multiple man page additions and corrections.

    • SMB/CIFS improvments, INCLUDING MICROSOFT RPC Sealing Flag Day, described
      in this email:

    • Multiple upstream improvements in:

      • BHYVE
      • libtopo
      • prtconf(8)
      • NVMe

General Info

Every eight weeks, we roll a “release-YYYYMMDD” release branch and
builds for all Triton DataCenter (and Manta) repositories. As well,
builds of #master for all components are always rolling into
“/Joyent_Dev/public/builds” in Manta.

Note: MNX Triton customers must obtain their software from MNX Support;
software obtained by other means, including the builds here, will not be
supported by MNX.

The Triton Team